We Make Investments Where We Can Make A Difference


Founded by seasoned operators and investors, Navigate Ventures is a Los Angeles based early growth stage venture fund focused on helping entrepreneurs prepare for rapid growth, scaling, and expansion.

We are value-add, founder-friendly investors and bring significant investing, operational experience, and domain expertise to each investment. We look to invest where we can make a difference and implement a disciplined approach to investment origination, selection, and portfolio management.

Each year, hundreds of new promising startups in Southern California look for growth capital. Many will not be able to reach the next round for a variety of reasons. There are few growth funds with domain expertise and operational focus in this geography. Many CEOs lack the experience, time, resources, or the right relationships. Others face issues related to balance sheet, cap table, operational efficiencies, teams, metrics, etc.

That’s where Navigate Ventures comes in. We dedicate time, expertise, and relationships to our portfolio companies, and with significant value add, great base of contacts, and relevant experience, we look to invest in the most promising teams and companies and help them get to the next level.

We have governance covering, conflict resolution, investment process, data collection & management, portfolio management, and all internal and external communications.

At Navigate Ventures, we have extensive understanding of the latest trends and developments in our sectors of focus. We will be able to help, and respond to entrepreneurs, by being able to market check quickly, discreetly, and efficiently. Over many years, we have built, and continue to maintain deep relationships with key sector players, and understand the latest market metrics and trends. With a rich set of contacts, we have access to additional capital, and look to be helpful where we can. Our goal is to help foster and grow the Southern California tech ecosystem. Our operating team can assist in a number of areas including:


bullet Customer Acquisition

bullet Infrastructure Upgrade

bullet Cap Table Restructuring & Clean Up

bullet Technology Review & Upgrade

bullet Customer Success

bullet Recruiting & Upgrading Team

Growth & Expansion

bullet Acquisitions & Roll-Ups

bullet Strategic Partnerships

bullet Business Development

bullet Operational Efficiencies

bullet International Expansion

bullet Liquidation/Exit Strategy